Monday, March 10, 2014

Turn Your Iphone Pics Into Watercolor Masterpieces With This Smart App

Penglins. Image: Flickr, umezy12 But lets be real: they all suck. Waterlogue doesnt. This cool iPhone app does more than turn smartphone pics into passable paintings. It actually conjures up some truly impressive ones. The app was created by John Balestrieri and Robert Clair. Balestrieri, now a developer at the kid-centric app outfit Tinybop, has long been fascinated with computer graphics. Hes also long been disappointed with programs that tried to transform photographs into paintings. They were horrible, blurry, terrible messes, he says of the results youd normally get from these pieces of software. There have never really been any, I thought, that had any integrity. So he resolved to build one of his own. But Balestrieri didnt start in on the coding right away. Instead, the former art student hit up second-hand bookstores and bought painting how-to books to brush up on the fundamentals. He also revisited some of those older programs and filters and found that most were based on textbook computer graphics algorithms from the 70s. In other words, it wasnt surprising they didnt have the painters touch.
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